Our Mission is to inspire youth to conserve our natural resources.

Our focus is on serving where conservation of environment and reduction of the use of water, electricity and natural gas will make the most difference for families. We concentrate our efforts on working in low income and underserved communities, believing that for families living at or below the poverty line, saving money on the utility bill makes a huge difference for the family budget.

In addition, we seek to get these children — children who may not have the same opportunities to experience Minnesota’s natural environment through a weekend trip to the cabin or a summer camp up north — into Minnesota’s wilderness areas.

At the same time, we recognize that both the causes and the impacts of climate change more seriously impact low income, underserved communities. Our board and staff feel strongly that our time, energy, and resources are best devoted to providing opportunities for environmental stewardship, community service, and leadership development among the children of new immigrant populations and economically challenged communities.

Join us in supporting Kids for Conservation